Ascension II: The Great Awakening

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The stolen shuttle chirped to life as the hyperspace exit countdown crossed 2 hours. Lights on panels, life support systems and navigation all went live. The human, and part human cargo still slumbered, but cryo-pods altered the mix and flow of key bodily fluids and gasses. Awakening would happen, that was for sure.

Nothing else was guaranteed though.

The shuttle had nearly reached normal space far from Earth. The Jumpgate back in Terran orbit had been hacked by Shwartz’ on board team. The records at USNE FTL Control would show they jumped to the common and crowded Eridani Confluence. In reality, the shuttle was just hours away from an unknown wormhole exit near to Tau Bootis.

All this meant nothing to Shwartz as his implants stood ready for the Awaken order. His plan, through phase 1 and 2, would now embark on its final milestone, access to the Synod homeworld. There, if his plan held merit, he would gain audience with the bishop himself and put in motion his ascension.

Eternal Power awaited.

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  1. Avatar Pablo Vilas

    Good refresh of relevant Ascension I events. Now I’m paying for borrowing Shwartz’s genes. I’ll clarify their relationship.

  2. Avatar Drake West

    We are borrowing from each other. The crashdown on the asteroid set the stage for meeting the bishop. Kohl was sent to heaven, so we have to tap JonB to understand who is in charge there now. It will be easy to coordinate with Papa Shwartz and his kin.

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