Ascension II: Prosecution

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The prosecuting attorney for Juno Station was next to speak. He demanded jurisdiction over Bates for reckless flying, evasion of customs inspection, trespassing, burglary, theft, failure to pay transit fare, driving without a license, destruction of Authority property, carrying a concealed weapon, being a concealed weapon, assault, hijacking, kidnapping and murder. He also pointed out that the defendant was currently inside Juno Station city limits.

Bates had been taken off Haldol in order to testify. He looked up thoughtfully at Judge Maynard’s neck and face, his favorite points of attack. He noted a pair of ceremonial fountain pens in holders, a lamp cord, a marble paperweight and the detachable legs of a nearby table; all weapons to him. Too bad he was embedded in a block of plastic up to his thighs. He peered inside his shirt; the red zone was moving toward his neck.

Melissa Frye rose to argue against all the prosecutors. But she was drowned out by the shouts of the voices in Bates’ head.

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  1. Avatar JonB

    carrying a concealed weapon, being a concealed weapon…

    I enjoyed Bates’ cool contemplation of potential murder weapons and further exploration of his fractured personality. Pretty compelling character study that you’ve built up over several installments.

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Ascension II: Court by Pablo Vilas

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