Fantasyland XIV

Avatar Author: Copernicus I may have misunderstood life at first but I am starting to get the hang of it now. Or is it hanged? Or is it hung. Oh ***insert appropriate deity here** Read Bio

Meanwhile in a cluttered room across town a wizard’s nerves got the better of him and he succumbed to a temporary eye twitch.
His anxiety was warranted as he was soon about to discover whether he would cause the end of the world or start a new one.
A series of clear connected plastic tubes were bent into a large circle the size of his workbench.
The wizard sat on a rickety bicycle that he hoped would create enough energy to force the smallest form of wizard matter, the Q, clockwise around the tube.
Then while he was pedalling and thus hastening the speed of the Q, he would create another Q and let it go in the opposite direction forcing them to collide.
It was his theory that the collision of these two particles at high speed would answer a host of questions about the universe like when and how it started and why it was the pizza deliveryman continually forget to bring the garlic bread he ordered.
The wizard pedalled faster until there was a small ‘pop’ sound followed by silence, and the smell of garlic.

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