Reaction for Every Action

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That night was amazing. I was glad we had gone back. Kelly was wilder than that raccoon. Any beasts of the forest would have fled from her howling. I think I may have a few scratches and bites.

As the sun rose and the tent grew hot, I decided to scrounge up some breakfast. Looking over our supplies, I shook my head at our stupid impulsivity. We had half a bottle of clean water, the last heels of a loaf of bread, which were stale, and one bruised apple. Something had gotten into the emergency rations of granola and protein bars.

I kicked dirt over the warm coals of the fire, just to be sure and began to pack up. Kelly might not like it, but we had to get out of here now. I moved to pack up the sleeping bags and tent. It was time to wake her and deliver the bad news.

“Kelly?” I called softly. “Hon, we’ve gotta go.”


I coaxed her to wake, but something was wrong. She couldn’t open her eyes. Her entire face was swollen!

“Oh, Kells!”

She felt her face and then began to panic. She needed a hospital.

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  1. Avatar DjDashy (LoA)

    Why you gonna do the poor girl like that? :P

  2. Avatar Cariad Ceffyl

    haha @DjDashy oh poor kell

  3. Avatar DjDashy (LoA)

    That little twist completely threw me off. It went against everything I had planned for the future of this series!

    Thanks a lot! Elsha. :P

    This was a great twist in the story.

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