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A whirlwind in a hospital gown zipped around my father and pounced on me. I winced. Then I inhaled the scent of earth, campfire, and lavender shampoo. I sighed and wrapped one arm around her narrow shoulders, “Kelly.”

“Young lady, you are making a spectacle of yourself! Now get back to your room!” A woman with Kelly’s eyes and hair, but covered in makeup sternly frowned upon my fiance still hugging me, now completely in my hospital bed.

“Let her have her moment. She has had some terrible trauma.” My Dad, ever the one to let things happen and watch the outcome, tried to smooth things over.

“Is this your son? He nearly killed my daughter!”

“I beg your pardon, she was in anaphylactic shock. He was saving her!”

“She wouldn’t have had an allergic reaction if he hadn’t taken her out on that damn camping trip! Reckless!”

“My son may be reckless, but he has a huge heart. Can’t you see they are in love?”

“Puppy love. It’s over! Come on Kelly.”

A muffled “No” came from my chest.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    A lovely but tragic scene. The two parents contrast nicely against one another. I liked the description of the dad as, “ever the one to let things happen and watch the outcome”.

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