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“You would love it, " her girlfriend began, “Janet, you really have to just book the ticket!”

“Oh, you know I should, but you know me too.” Janet balled up the opened sugar packet and poked it around the heavy wooden table. Nerves were getting to her. Her life was a series of passive aggressive moments. Conservative – no, insecure- for long periods, then reckless breakouts. Committing to her girlfriend was a breakout she loved. Traveling to another continent was still in question.

“Look, I will take care of all the details honey. It will be amazing. Just think of Instagram!”

“Instagram…ohhhh. I can think of some other things in the steamy hot jungle.” The sugar paper ball continued to roll.

“Really? Like your glistening skin, underneath mosquito netting, just you and me?” Her eyes locked on Janet’s and the buzz of the coffeehouse disappeared.

Careful Janet.

“Yes!” she lied.

“Ok so you’re in? You are in!” Yay Janet!" She reached her hand out and ended the paper ball game.

“Lemme think, OK?”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    A fun version of Janet. Definitely as predicted, the character changing as each prequel or sequel comes along. Amusing that each diad remains consistent though. Very cool. I liked how the relationship got fleshed out and less ambiguous here as well.

  2. Avatar inky blue

    Ooh, I now feel like the challenge is beginning to get into swing! What a change from original Janet. A bit more cautious.

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