Remains of the Hot Day

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The day is hot. Spot, every spot heated up, up, up. Down, down beats the brightness from the hole in the sky. Air rises. Hope falls.

I love it!

From craggy perch to rustling weeds I get to flit. I get. I flit. I flop and flap. I chortle and giggle. All is glee. All is merriment. That is what I meant. Is it what I meant?

My head tilts, pretty red, pretty bald head. I see. He sees. She sees. We pull ourselves aloft. We meander and weel, as is our want. We want. We ought. Down below, the black buffet provides. We drop and drop and drop.

Baked, this meal is, spread upon the flat black stretch. I prefer raw; it’s juicier. I’m not a picky one though. I will eat, in the heat, no seat, pull a bit for a beat. The ear is mine. The tail is his. The eye is gone, done rolled away. It’s okay. It’s gone.

Gone. Lots of things are gone. I don’t mind. Go. Go away, things. No matter to me and my kin. You go all you like and be gone.

No matter, for death remains. In remains. It remains.

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  1. Avatar Jae

    These short, abruptly complete thoughts are so very much like the twitching motions of a bird. Yet the same grace which a bird world in flight is also present. This glimpse into how a scavenger might peruse its day is masterfully achieved.

  2. Avatar Cariad Ceffyl

    This is Amazing! I felt like a crow or a raven by the end of this. It through me right into the image as though I was on the inside looking thru the eyes of the bird. Bravo!

  3. Avatar inky blue

    Carrion are usually considered foul creatures but you’ve made them seem playful and childlike. It’s a piece very accepting of the natural order of things, and I love the rhyme and lyricism.

  4. Avatar Miz Em

    It took me a few lines to figure this out and when I did I was amazed that I liked it! I agree with inky blue’s comment. We don’t often think of carrion (vultures in this case?) with pleasure, but I enjoyed seeing the world from his perspective.

  5. Avatar ...Still BARomero

    I agree with the above comments. I enjoyed the playful perspective you’ve given your vultures. Road kill is like a party for them!

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