An Irish Drinking Song

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An attempt at the traditional Irish folk song:

My father told me “my son when you’re a man,
Work all your life and love your wife and do the best you can.”
So I packed my bags and waved goodbye and headed out to sea
And then I drank till I emptied the bank and none was left to me

One was fun and two was nice to me
Three was just a silly girl and four was tough to please
Five and six were the prettiest I’d ever seen
Seven, eight, nine, and ten took all ‘twas left of me

My mother dear, she told me “my son there’s much to win
If you are true she’ll love you too and you won’t need to sin”
So I went down to Dublin and bought a room for three
And then I bedded any girl who would go home with me


When I went down to hell the devil said “I’m glad you came to me
We’ve got a bunch of whorish girls that even I can’t please”
So I said “stand back” and then he left about thirty girls with me
And after a spell even hell was paradise to me


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  1. Avatar Cariad Ceffyl

    Excellent! ;)

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