League of Legends Cypher, part 1 (Rap)

Avatar Author: Robert Quick A no-name, aspiring author who can't stop writing. Looking ahead, he strives for perfection. Shackled by various forms of entertainment, he dreams of success. Most stories here are an invitation to YOU, to join me in cre... Read Bio

Ho there—it’s the motherfucking Gem Knight
Here to smash every hater in sight
Summoned from a distant land hammer in hand
I stand now a Valoran man
Oh you thought my magic discredited?
Edit your prejudice—earth magic’s relative
My stones have the strength of a-ges
Mightier than all middle lane ma-ges
Like my gems I work much better
Peak performance occurs under pressure
Lesser supports struggle to tank
My armor is much harder to break
Step on the scene imbue my team
Heal em up and march to victory
What you think you know about ru-bies
Fool please, let me give you some school-ing

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