The Billionaire (2)

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The room was dead silent.

This kind of commentary was his standard. He would curse at, effront or lambaste anyone at any time. He felt that was his right. “Think about it people. Each of you are well compensated, by me,” he moved back to his head of the table, “living wealthy lifestyles, right? You have no clue. Do you know what one billion dollars is? How about fifty billion? Is that a big difference?” He sidled up to Karthic Kulkarni, the CTO. “Karthic, your smart, a good head for numbers, I wouldn’t have you as my chief technology officer without it, right?.” No answer. “Do you know the difference between one billion and fifty? It’s like the difference between twenty dollars and one thousand dollars! Big difference right!”

A glint of sunlight off a passing airliner caught his eye, he wheeled and stared at it. He could be on his jet right now instead of this insufferable meeting with these yes-men.

“I appreciate these carefully crafted numbers. I just have had enough of it all. I quit!”

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“Good morning ladies and gentlemen.” He began as he always did. He entered the ultra-modern private executive boardroom, dominate...

The Billionaire by Drake West