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So much for remaining unseen.

“Ki! It’s too late. Come with us!”

Ki took a deep breath to steady her nerves. She eyed the canisters around her. A horrible idea was forming in her mind. She looked to her right. Uri stood in the bed of the pickup which was still keeping up with the train. He held onto the roof of the pickup with one hand and reached toward her with the other.

“Come on!”

For anyone else, Ki wouldn’t have considered it. But this was Uri. He still didn’t know what he was into, and she didn’t want to leave him behind. She starwd at him and hesitated, unsure.

“We need your help to find your sister and keep her safe!”

In that second, her decision was made. They hadn’t found her sister. But they were looking. Ki stood and lifted one of the canisters next to her. She blinked away tears. “No, Uri. I tried to tell you.” She held the canister up in the air above her head. “I’m sorry.” She threw the canister as hard as she could at the hood of the pickup.



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  1. Avatar nuclearsubmarine

    Now I’m very interested. Will she find her sister before they do?

    Typo: “She starwd at him”.

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