21st Century Warrior Princess

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Momma’s lullaby started to fade, the bright Moon hid behind heavy eyelids, and Tee once again became Higathi, Princess of the Night.

She would spend her days in her big, big house, that had walls blazing in all the colors and patterns of Momma’s dress. But then, as always, the demons came, and she had to fight them. They came with knives, swords and big guns, and she hit them with her hands, hands that were strong and swift as a hurricane. There was always blood and death in the demons’ wake, but she defeated them every night. She could leap as high as the trees, and her skin was shiny and nothing could harm her. But her powers couldn’t help, every night she had to see death.

She awoke panting, to an unyielding ache in her belly. Momma picked her up, and they were on the road again. The walk seemed endless, all she could remember was that she was hungry the whole time. But on one day, Tee and her Momma saw the big camp with the white tents.

Somewhere in the Central African Republic, 2014.

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