One Voice After All

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I gotchu, battle!

That was Richards’ voice. Was it? Perhaps it was only a dream, a stinging hot dream.


That was hardly a sentence.


Barker tried to speak, tried to make light of something, of whatever it was that Richards was about.


Thoughts refused to come, fled to recesses of memory. Washes of needle pain came and went, waves of distorted perception. Still, no sense emerged in the midst of it all, no order or reason.


As if remembering a forgotten song lyric Barker smiled inwardly at the recollection. Yes, there was a battle. It was horrible. People were shooting. A half of a mountain exploded. The world went quiet, for a second. The world itself exploded, came apart at the seams. Then it really was quiet, entirely quiet, except for one thin voice raging against the silence.

“I got you, battle. I got you. Goddammit, Medic!!

Profanities lit the way, a trail of familiar vocabulary. Barker could only smile, a grin for a night come in the midst of day.

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  1. Avatar Drake West

    amazing imagery and flow. I sense that something is wrong, but the glory of battle comes through.

  2. Avatar remembrancer

    It hurts to acknowledge how many people that sudden night has taken. When compared with the slow death mentioned in the prequels and the smile on Barker’s face by the end I just hope he finds peace in his final sleep. It is startling how quickly, in less then two pages, I became attached enough to his character to grieve for his passing. Especially if it turns out he is only unconscious. That will just be embarrassing. :)

  3. Avatar Miz Em

    This and all the prequels are so vivid! You paint an excellent word picture and I look forward to more.

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