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Carver jotted down some notes and nodded slightly. “The experience is different for each person based on personal history, mental schemata, neuro… I’m sorry, I should not… cheapen… your experience with such psychobabble. Please pull over as soon as you’re able.”

The next handful of minutes felt like a fistful of hours as I pondered the experience while trying to find a place to park the car. I finally drew to a halt outside a closed-for-the-night hair salon on the east side. Not a soul was out or about in the gentle mist of a rain that had somehow begun while my mind had been elsewhere.

“Excellent. This will do. Please exit the car.” The manner in which Carver’s pen was poised above the paper seemed like a spoiler of some new impossibility to come. I could scarcely lend any thought to it as the lingering loss of a place I’d never been still preoccupied my mind.

I pulled the handle and stepped out of the car…

…into the sunny, sylvan ‘homeland’ I had never known before this night.

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  1. Avatar gafroel

    Just the like the original—I’m so confused. And that is what makes this piece excellent!

    Somehow you’ve managed to make me read it three times in order to piece together what was happening and within those reads I kept putting together more and more.

    The very subtle detail sets up the twist at the end very nicely. I thought it added to the quality of the piece.

    I also feel satisfied, like just enough happened in the story to keep me wanting a sequel and it is excellent enough that I might have to write it myself if no else does!

    I enjoyed this—great sequel, great addition, fantastic writing!

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