Made a Mistake

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You know, I’ve done some really dumb things in my life, but this has got to take the cake.

So my wife and I decided to try for a kid, and idiot that I am, I was a bit careless. Okay, okay, I was very careless. I won’t go into details(for the sake of the younger readers), but the end result was a success yet a failure. You’re probably seeing where this is going. Of all the nagas in the world, it had to happen to me. I, Steven Parker, husband of Mary Parker, am currently and somehow pregnant. And it may seem funny to you, but trust me, it is not fun. So here I am, laying in bed, sick to my stomach(which is where the problem is), all because I made a bad move while trying to impregnate my wife. Ugh. This kid better be worth it.
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  1. Avatar gafroel

    Lol! The twist in this was great and I love the nonchalantness of the character’s thought process—because in his world this is normal! And in this world gender doesn’t equal “sexual parts”!

    Nicely done writing wise as well! I’m never one for having a while story in one paragraph so that’ll be my advice—space out his thoughts! Or don’t, the fast paced is kinda nice. Regardless, it was nicely written other than that!

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