Just Another "Normal" Night in Ravenwood

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Just another normal night in Ravenwood, thought the Night Watchman, whistling while he walked down the cobblestone road. Fog rolled through the empty streets; People were sealed up safe in their homes; The gates that led into the town were locked up tight, and the Night Watchman was out patrolling. As he inspected the locks on the gate, the Night Watchman saw a dim figure running towards him, on the other side of the fence. “Help! Please, help! S-something’s after me! Help!” yelled the advancing man. The Night Watchman sighed. Another one. The man ran to the gate, and started rattling it. “Oh please, oh please let me in! Something’s out there-in the dark! Just let me in! Please!” he yelled. "But, if I let you in, the “something” might come hurt the innocent people of this here town, y’see?" whispered the Night Watchman. He turned around and continued whistling and strolling, not paying any attention to the screams of the man as the “something” caught up to him. Just another normal night in Ravenwood.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    He takes his job seriously, follows the rules, looks out for his town. Such an upstanding citizen. ..

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