A Meeting

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It was Tuesday, as most things like meetings usually tend to be. I was sitting at a large table surrounded by six others. To my left was my good friend Jesse and Jarrett. On my right was Ryan and Darien. At the other end of the table Tim was seated, a disturbing smile on his face as the clink of dice being rolled rang through-out the living room. All our eyes had focused on those dice, our fates intertwined in them.

I looked down at the table not wanting to see Tim’s face when he told us what our fate was. It would be brutal, he was known to be unforgiving if we made mistakes. We had been lucky for so long, but alas we had finally made our first mistake. It would probably be our last one as well.

It felt like time had stopped as the look of horror on my face changed with the words being spoken. Tim was telling us our fate, and though it seemed he had won, an idea popped into my head. A way to save us all from the cruel fate he had planned. It was a long shot. But it could work.
“Sooo…who wants pizza?”

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