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He was like every other, some suit who got a little too comfortable spending rather than saving. Weekend trips to the track, bar tabs exceeding his pay grade, a few too many bad hands in hold ’em. After the initial high, there comes the fall.

“Next week,” he pleaded, “Next week, I’ll have everything all sorted out an-”

“You said next week two months ago,” a harsh voice bellowed in the smoke-filled room, the basement area of the now-empty bar they found themselves in.

“Yeah, but,” came the expected response, “m-my mother had surgery and money was tight, so I chipped in what I could.”

“With what you make, you could’a held off until your debts were paid. Now I’ll have clear it myself.”

There was a piercing silence, the shaky breath of the suit now muted in abject terror.

“How… how’re you gonna do that?” the suit finally asked.

“The collector’s here,” the commanding voice sighed, “so I’ll talk to him and he’ll fix this right up.”

“Oh thank god, how’s he-”

There was a shot, and the suit fell. Debt paid.

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  1. Avatar Reaver19

    Hello! That was a nice intro into something more I hope. I see it as a nod to L.A. back in the 50’s for some reason. A Noir piece. I dig it, do you have any more in ya?

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Very Noir feeling. Kids, don’t gamble.

  3. Avatar Hank

    Just when you thought it was all over for the suit, he got back up. " Ha, didn’t think I’d ever need such a thing but I’m glad i brought it." Ripping off the vest he tip toes his way out and into the wild. More gambling ensued… more debts to pay and again more vests to buy. A tragic cycle for this suit however a common lifestyle for thousands on this planet of ours.

    lol, great story btw. I felt a bit sad at the end so added a bit of light above^

  4. Avatar ...Still BARomero

    Hell of a write off! A lot of great tension in this scene, and the mystery of the disembodied voice just adds to it. Slight edit: Should paragraph 5 actually read, “Now I’ll have TO clear it myself?” Great job!

  5. Avatar Miz Em

    Something about this makes me wonder if “the collector” is actually the guy talking to the suit. I enjoyed the tense atmosphere you built into this.

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