after the missile

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wind – screams – smoke – flames – the shrill of tearing metal – faces of questioning anguish tumbling away – why – why them – why me

below – the flaming shredded carcass that had once protected me accelerates on its final journey – one engine still firing

this is not fair — i am not ready yet – there were so many things so many ideas i was going to try – going to do – going to live – going to learn – they can never happen now

so tell me – are you laughing god – peals of silent laughter from the god who was never there – if you had been real you could never let this happen – to me – to them – no one is that heartless

is there anything good – yes – i will not grow old – only to then have to watch as everything is slowly taken away from me – i will never be sick again – disease will not touch me – and yet – i will never have children – or love – or all the world promised me – i am not yet fifteen

into your hands – god who was never there – i submit my tangled corpse

enjoy it

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  1. Avatar ...Still BARomero

    Was this inspired by MH17? I like the fragmented nature of the narrator’s thoughts here. Not a lot of time to get them all out as the plane goes down, but you seem to go through the five stages of death in a short time. Spelling edit: Should be “Peals of silent laughter,” not “Peels.”

  2. Avatar Petros

    Yes it was. Pointless tragedies tend to stew around a bit till something happens. I wrote this very suddenly, even though I didn’t have much time to do so. peal peel Ooops! :-) You are quite right. Edited… Thanks for your comments…

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    A bitter ending, no peace, but then again, such is war. I know you were feeling disgust and upset over this because that’s how you left us feeling after reading this piece. Well done.

  4. Avatar inky blue

    It is heartbreaking how often this happens. I think some of it is a little too much telling over showing, but that’s semantics.

  5. Avatar Drake West

    This is a brilliant piece. Really powerful and echoing anyone who spends the time to think enough of these things.

  6. Avatar nuclearsubmarine

    it hurts. good writing.

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