Observations of a Wallflower

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I sit and I ponder many things while I sip my glass of Pinot and stare out the window of this quaint cafe’. I love this place, this little street of eclectic shops and artsy people. The vintage shops mixed with the new makes for a new adventure every time I come here.
There are college students on summer break, finding their way in the world between school and adult responsibility. Teenagers eating frozen yogurt or riding their skateboards up the sidewalk, involved in various summer activities. Their only concerns are whose going with who and what time to be home. Middle aged Couples walking hand in hand- oh how I envy them.
There are the exchange students taking in our version of american culture and capitalism. I see young families with their toddlers, herding or carrying them from shop to shop, occasionally stopping to pet a dog walking by on a leash.
And then there are the couples. Some are obviously dating, while others are just enjoying each other’s company.
I miss that. All of it. I miss you.

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  1. Avatar ...Still BARomero

    I kind of want to be in Washington Square Park after reading this. Love it!

  2. Avatar nuclearsubmarine

    Very nice, i liked it! I think you captured this summer street quite well.

    “involved in various summer activities” sounds a bit like an advertisement though :P

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