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It all began once. That’s all it takes to begin something and everything did begin some Time, in fact Time began and that sorted out everything so that there could be some Place as well.

Naturally, or at least linearly, I began. Fortunately, I had timed it just so that there was indeed a Time and Place for that to happen, however it is quite difficult to precisely identify either of those variables, therefore it is enough to say that I began.

Immediately, things began to happen which became registered within my memory cortex. Some will argue that these comprise my definition. Some will argue that my definition is the past which is my beginning. The sad fact is that only Some will be correct.

However, there is a slim set of instances within the domains of probability where All are correct, in which case it is most likely that to me naturally is not linear nor is it singular in direction. This would explain how Time and Place have been imprecisely measured.

Thus it must be sufficient to say, I began.

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  1. Avatar Fordi

    Pretty awesome. Kind of like a cross between Adams and a conehead.

    Though, I think there needs to be bits in between this and the following bits – something on the advent of the protagonist’s immortality, for example.

  2. Avatar n8k99

    perhaps that can be written as prequel, especially as the protagonist’s perfect memory no longer demands linearity. :-)

  3. Avatar Fordi

    I agree totally. And, hopefully, the prequel isn’t so cryptic that no one will catch its implication.

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