Yer Lessons (draft) + More

Avatar Author: Tad Winslow "If you don't work nothing will." Maya Angelou Read Bio

yer transgressions
were aggressions,
yer hands,
yer lessons,
and the pain of being scared,
cornered and bared,
quivering sore
shivering for
so long
unable to breathe
thinking this is wrong
I can grieve
this song will not leave
it belongs
I can breathe
yer aggressions,
yer hands,
all I learned from yer lessons
is that sobs hit like heartbeats through thin walls

(freestyle starts here)

that silence falls with leaves like an impact leaves an impression in the condition of syntax n’ repetition, the relation between each station becomes more similar than one all encompassing pillar until yer crumbling from the same filler, the victim became the killer thinking every wrinkling imperfection ironed by darwin’s natural selection IS yer refusal to bargain with depression, using expression to lessen the losing, it’s refreshing this path that I’m choosing, a blessing

in fact so
keep calm
n’ laugh,
it’s a daft
song, it’s
all 4 craft
and it won’t
last long so
laugh n’ be
happy to
exist til’
it exits,
let it go,
no edits

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