The Light and the Dark

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I was introduced to Ficly during and online writing course from a SUNY (State University of New York). I had never even considered writing for a random audience. It was intriguing, but as part of a single week’s assignment for the course, I was compelled.

What a liberating experience!

Ficly seemed perfect in every way. A great format, even now, as I type I note the decreasing characters in the lower right…oh boy, crossing 600!

I enjoyed the community immensely as well. Meeting people, virtually. Collaborating in great projects like Nior and Ascension with amazing talent made me feel like I achieved a new plateau in my writing.

Now there are some downsides here for me that must be mentioned in fairness:

No comments on my work – that hurts, but is absolutely no one’s fault
The Sequeling function is rarely picked up – so much potential…

and of course the worst thing ever – Ficly dies.









Thank you Ficly for liberating my writing and opening my mind.

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  1. Avatar August 2nd

    Well now… let me see. In short pieces like this, one rarely has the space necessary to carry two threads of interest successfully. I don’t know whether this piece is about you or about Ficly: it seems to vacillate between the two. You might have done better to focus on one and cover the other in a sequel. Spelling, grammar, whimsical punctuation and paragraphization (if I may coin such a word) aside, … oh, fuck it. It was a pleasure, Drake. Hope we cross paths again.

  2. Avatar HSAR

    Like much of the literary canon, I suspect Ficly’s value will only be properly understood long after it is but dust and echoes.

    Pleasure was mine, Drake. Never stop writing.

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