Airships: Face to Face

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The Earl’s smile, if anything, had grown wider. Hawkeye shouldered his weapon, long barrel gleaming with golden lamplight.

“I came to stop you tonight, father. I do not want your power.”

The Earl aul Janse-Lomberg looked at Captain Jerem and his assembled crew slowly.

“Make no mistake, my son, you have it.”

The Baron aul Janse-Lomberg lowered the gun.

“Look around you, son. See the men under your power, the forces you bring against me. Tell me that you do not have the gift.”

“It is respect, father, given freely.”

“My eldest has it too, although he is but an imitator. You, you have your mother’s touch, and mine. I could make something of you, my son.”

“I am nothing like you!”

“You know that is not true. You have always known. But you will not use it, because you are afraid of it.”

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  1. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Ohhhh this is good

Inspired by

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