Airships: Fringes

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Elletra itched to send a knife spiraling at the monster now taunting Hawkeye. She sensed a shift in the corner of her eye, and turned to see Jerem staring at her. Not yet.

She inclined her head in assent. But she wouldn’t be able to handle much more of the Earl’s voice grating on her nerves.

“You have so much potential. My mistake with you, my son, was allowing you to dwell on the creature standing beside you. I realize now, killing her may have been a more viable option. She has poisoned you with her simpleton morals which are based on all things futile.”

Elletra, muttering an Italian oath, stared daggers at the Earl who scoffed at her.

“Your plan is, and always has been, to profit from the death of thousands of lives. I will burn every piece of your empire in order to stop you. The fact that Elletra agrees with my sentiment has nothing to do with my will to stop you.”

The Earl sighed, “You have a very tiny perspective of this world. My plans, are the fringes of an empire. You have much to learn.”

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