Airships: Leaders of Men

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Elletra could stand it no more. She thought, and a dagger missed the Earl by less than an inch. Another was in her hand an instant later as she stormed across the room.

“You… you think that just because men listen to you, that they’re weak. That’s… that’s not true!”

She took a deep breath to steady her voice.

“Ilse-Lorenz,” she continued, trying not to stumble over his name, “has your gift. He stopped all those men killing each other over a fight that wasn’t theirs. But he doesn’t use it. He earns respect. Earns it like a real man should.”

The Earl’s shock smoothed into bland disinterest, but she could tell his attention was still firmly fixed on her.

Elletra didn’t stop. Couldn’t stop, as she finally realised why there was always a scattering of tiny little silences between her and Hawkeye. Why he was hesitant to make eye contact when they spoke.

He’d been struggling not to use that power on her.

She filed that thought away. “Hand over the plans. Give up – you can still walk away tonight.”

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  1. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Nicely done!

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