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“Sicker than a malaria patient, scared and naked, barely making it, raging fits, stocking shelves with bacon bits, frosted flakes, potato chips, brownie mix, ritz and schlitz… This shit’s the pits, one more shift, then I quit(s), excuse me miss”…

Hold up, I think that girl goes to my school. Yea, Robbie’s friend. She probably thinks I’m a total spaz, talking to myself. The weird kid, working at Wally-world. Why is she just standing behind me? I removed my earbuds and smiled awkwardly. Time moved in slow motion as I awaited her response. She smiled briefly as she reached past me to grab some corn chips. Of course she was just here to get some corn chips and not to say hi to me.

Back goes the ear buds, back to stocking the shelves. Watching her walking away I couldn’t help but notice her nice figure.

I wish I was still in Westmore, I bet Josh and Marvin are smoking a fatty right about now. At least we have a house now, even if we are living with Dennis. I wonder what mom see’s in him, such a douche.

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All I wanted was some corn chips, but here I was, in the middle of a Walmart aisle that smelt of murder and mold, and I couldn’t get to...

"Their raps be icky, mate, my raps be sick-y!" by pir8-cutie

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