How it all came to this

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Lee had never thought that death would feel like this, but then again he had never given it much thought at all. Now, lying upon the cold cobblestone steps of the old train station, it was all that filled his mind. A small and gentle stream of blood oozed from the edge of one step down to the next, creating a crimson lake that glistened in the summer sun. With his spinning head resting against the harsh steps of death, Lee noticed his mobile phone lying not half a metre away. As he stretched out his trembling arm to reach for it, a soft hand took hold of his, and held it tight. With as much energy as he could muster, Lee focused his eyes on the source of the hand, a woman..long blonde hair swaying gently in the summer breeze. The lady was surrounded by a brilliant golden aura emanating from the sun behind her, Lee wondered if she was an angel. Leaning forward and in a melodically soothing voice she whispered “Everything is going to be fine”
“How did it come to to this” Lee wondered.
“Is this my journeys end?”

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