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The first distorted words of Photofinnish blasted through Mike’s speakers hooked up to the thousands of dollars of computer hardware.

…always ending on a safe net, walking a tightrope with a safety net…

He walked out of the dank room to his kitchen. The alarm went off on the little microwave oven. Mike carefully took out the mini pizza. “Ooh, hot!” He slid it onto a small plastic plate and grabbed a Dr. Pepper from the tinted mini-fridge.

…doesn’t mean shit unless you take a risk…

Not hesitating, Mike bit into the steaming pizza. A sound beeped from the techno lair indicating that Mike had recieved an AIM. He hopped onto a swivel shair and pushed his fat body in front of the computer. A small sign reading One Missed Message blinked on the screen. Mike slid the mouse over the notice and clicked it.

A singal word appeared.


Mike looked and a shadowy figure dropped down, immediately smothering Mike’s view and airway.

…shush baby shut your mouth cuz you’re not part of this… *

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