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So He and I talk for a bit. Honestly, I don’t get much of it. He’s one of those lofty types, with high-minded notions and sad faces. Eventually, he booms out something about me “getting it eventually”, and I’m escorted away.

And then.. there it is again. All I see is sky. Blue sky, and white window frames, and people everywhere in white robes. And that beatific chick. Though she sure does look exhausted now.

Then I recognise her, behind new expressions. “Mom!” I cry. “Mom!” But she just stares, until her wails of excitement and joy drown out any cries my little lungs can produce. It’s Mom. Alive.

I remember watching her then, her long years of struggle, her pain, all gone effortlessly in a moment of shear love. I looked around, seeing that same love on the midwife’s face, and Dads. I didn’t know Dad even had that in him.

That same look on every face, connecting us all. Fearless, boundless joy; pure happiness.. love. How had I not seen this? At last, I “get it”. This time, I know, life will be good.

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  1. Avatar Aurelia

    I like your transition into the rebirth. Definitely a different direction than I had in mind, but nicely done!

  2. Avatar Dr. Theopolis

    Thanks Aurelia :) Yeah, I figured you were going for something much darker, but I enjoy twisting storylines I guess :D

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