The Writing On The Wall prt. I

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Anthony and Claire, So Sexy 92’.
Reads the writing on the bathroom wall.

Cut to me at age 10, standing up in front my teachers and my mom and my peers proudly proclaiming a drug free life.

This place really sucks. I wonder how many people have fucked in here. I bet I could get pregnant if I took off my underwear and did a split. I need to get laid.

Cut to me at 16, explaining to Drunk Eddie that I don’t do blow, I watched my Dad loose his family, his job, and his dreams to the stuff, I just can’t see myself doing to same.
Cut to me telling Brett that I’m just not ready to go all the way.

I’ll get up in a couple minutes. Right now it’s just so peaceful on the floor. I’m seeing spots in front of the fluorescent lights. No they’re not spots. I learned this back in high school, in my anatomy class. They’re called floaters. They sometimes mean my retina is going to detach. You get them when you’re pregnant too. Or when you’re tired.

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  1. Avatar Raegan Dauterive

    This is really good :)

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