Missy in the Morning

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Rather than with a start, Missy awoke with a sluggish mental trudge toward panic. The blue Star Wars print sheets were not hers. The orange, motel-style drapes would have been burned in her stylish apartment. This was neither her room nor her bed. Hands slow with hangover and dread searched down to thankfully discover that underwear was still present.

She stood. The room spun. Once that stopped she took one step, bare foot on shag carpet. The room spun again. This repeated until she was inching down a poorly lit hallway to a very messy kitchen. In the middle of said kitchen were two Karls, then three, and finally just one Karl, moping over a bowl of something brightly colored.

Her mind tried to race, stumbled, and fell flat over faulty logic and desperate hope. Karl wasn’t a bad guy, but she couldn’t afford to have slept with her English tutor.

As if reading her mind, he rattled off around a mouthful, “No, we didn’t do it. Yes, my place is a mess. No, you weren’t drunk. You got roofied.”

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  1. Avatar Reginald E. Dillard

    Somewhat disappointing to find out that Karl isn’t quite as villainous as he would have had Missy think. But the little hints about his room lends a lot to his character, despite how un-sinister Star Wars print sheets sound.

  2. Avatar The Note Writer

    Maybe he’s trying to be like Darth Vader?

  3. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Yes, I thought it was disappointing too. I think there’s more of which he is capable, but the character limit stopped things. Maybe in a week I’ll come back and reveal something dastardly…or maybe I won’t.

  4. Avatar Nancy

    I love the description of the bedroom… sounds like my brothers’ room when we were growing up. I can totally picture the orange drape with it’s weird sewn-in pleats.

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