I Have Been Saved.

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And color.

I hear nothing, but I remember sounds. Do I really see the colors, or are they just memories, like the memories of sounds?

Is this the afterlife? It seems a memory, rather than a reality. Everything around me is as I remember it, but can only be an illusion in my mind.

There is nothing to fear here.

The truck that is bearing down on me cannot hurt. It has no substance. It is not real.

It is, after all, only a memory.

But I also remember pain.


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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    is this a flashback of the same person in the previous story, or just another tale written in the same style?
    Either way, it has a quick ending, one that leaves me asking, what just happened? Did he wake only to feel pain or was he remembering and finally ‘crossing over’ to the white light?

  2. Avatar Petros

    It is meant to follow the same person immediately following the prequel story, but it doesn’t quite work. The truck was meant as a bit of mild black comedy. It worked in my head, just not on the page.
    Never mind. It’ll make my other stories look better! ;-)

  3. Avatar Radical Yellow Duck

    I got it. the white light seen in near death experiences is an approaching truck.

    Makes you wonder what the romans saw when they died.

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