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Gornak paced around the cave impatiently. The others should have been back by now. His fur stood on end when he passed too closely to the cave entrance. The sunlight always bothered his kind. There was a stirring sound. One of the children had come awake and was trying to get free. Gornak walked slowly to the child, suspended by a hand-made rope.

“Little one,” said Gornak, in a very sweet, unbecoming British accent, “you are only making this worse.” Gornak touched the boy on his chin, then back to pacing.

After fifteen more minutes, Gornak’s stomach was done waiting. A loud, painful grumble came from within the depths of his bowels. This woke all four other children. One began to cry. Gornak snatched the small girl from where she’d been hanging from the ceiling. Lying on her stomach, she couldn’t see anything, but she felt everything.

Gornak’s face peeled apart, rows of ragged teeth (all with holes) circled his jaw. Suddenly, his face/jaw clamped down on the back of the girl’s neck. It was done.

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  1. Avatar DoItForScience

    Is your icon Gornak?

  2. Avatar Construct of a Mind

    Ha! … No.

  3. Avatar Ronnie

    “passed ‘too’ closely”
    But why the accent?

  4. Avatar Construct of a Mind

    Thx for the grammar check. As for the accent, shrugs shoulders I dunno… That’s how it happened in my head. A very terrifying, bi-ped, forced-nocturnal wolf-like creature that feeds on children’s life energy to sustain itself. Oh, with a British accent. The juxtaposition is what I really liked about it. It’s horrible scary terrible, but it has terrific grammar. :D

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