Dawn and Dusk

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Auroro knew that to leave the Sky Palace was to leave immortality, but Clay Woman on the Worlds Below beckoned until he could no longer resist her call.

His feet on the earth, he walked with her for miles, marveling at flickering fires, the hot blood of slain deer, vivid cactus flowers, and the glint of her bracelets as she danced for him.

Bright Father soon noticed Auroro was no longer following him through the palace each day, so he searched from his heights until he spied the wayward youth and told him to return.

Auroro threatened to end his mortal life rather than leave, but Clay Woman could not bear his death. She gathered up his favorite things and put them in a chest.

“Keep them to remind you,” she said, unfastening an earring.

Then she kissed him and walked away.

“Come,” Bright Father said.

Twice each day, Auroro opens the chest: at dawn and dusk. If you look up, you will see the colors of his treasures reflected in the sky as he handles them one by one—orange, red, purple, and sometimes gold.

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  1. Avatar James Albano

    Very original. A creation story of the aurora borealis. It does remind me of some of the stories from indigenous people.

  2. Avatar Reginald E. Dillard

    This definitely has the feeling of an Indigenous Peoples’ myth. The names aren’t too immediately representative, but make everything perfectly clear with a small amount of thought. I must admit, I was expecting the gift to be stars initially, though it would make no sense with the title now that I look back upon it.

  3. Avatar jesteram

    @ James: I was actually going for the creation of why the sky changes color in the mornings and evenings … I’m not sure if aurora borealis happens twice a day?

    @ Reginald: I actually have a far longer version of this story tucked away somewhere, so I’m glad clarity came through with the “small amount of thought.” Stars would be an interesting variation, what with the glinting from her jewelry.

  4. Avatar Stovohobo

    This story has a nice way with words. I like the names and the style.

  5. Avatar dkscully

    I’m not huge on the whole creation myth thing… but this is just beautifully writen.

  6. Avatar ethelthefrog

    Utterly beautiful. Fits the brief perfectly.

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