A Most Horrible Adventure! by Footigan R. Foote

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Dashes and frumpets! How long must I be made to lever upwards, balanced so precariously, only to press down upon the broken glass below, like waves upon the rocks of the beach! I am a foot of most class, most poise and dignity! Not some fool to be jeered at!

CONFOUND IT! CONFOUND IT I SAY! These jagged blades do slice me! Glassy vampires yearning for my life-juices! Had I but known the tower-man above me was to live his days as a mere circus performer, I would have put in my resignation long ago, issuing the edict for the cells within me to attack my very fiber so that I may blacken and wither away.


How I long for those lazy summer nights, my quill forever dipped in the most quality of inks, the pages of my memoirs sprawled out before me. Above them, pictures of my exploits, from the magnificent beaches of the Carribean to the sticky floor of the 7-11 where all the blacks hang out. How I long for them. How I l- STOP FUCKING STABBING ME, RICHARD!

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  1. Avatar DUG

    Love the title.

  2. Avatar Elice

    dude, this is incredible! I love how everything is worded and all the lingo. “fuckery” made me laugh so hard, I think I shall attempt to use that word at least once a day from now on.

    hilarious as hell, love it

  3. Avatar Stovohobo

    This read like one of those tangent clips on Family Guy, where one character will say something and then it goes off to another clip for five minutes—and of course the snobby English accent. Awesome.

  4. Avatar Katie Kim

    Thanks for trying out my challenge! I really liked what you did with it, by the way.

  5. Avatar Peanut Butter

    Superb! I couldn’t think of a better or funnier personification of a foot

  6. Avatar Blossom Ruoquen (LoA)

    Lol. I agree with Stovohobo. FG clip to the max. The line about him sending in his resignation deserves kudos. I tried to count how many times you used ‘most’ :P

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