A new enemy or companion? Pt1

Avatar Author: blaubrandil Blaubrandil was the first Character Name I used when playing MERP & RoleMaster. He was a Sindarin Healer who successfully led several campaigns and played with great fantasy... Read Bio

There it was, a fraction of a second, barely visible to the human brain, but leaving afterimages on the ship’s multifunction monitor. The captain ordered a still image. Clearly, a ship of unknown origin appeared. Back to the live feed. The ship was gone, only to reappear at a different location.
The bridge crew of the ship was following the appearances for some time.
“Plot a trajectory”, the captain ordered. “Sir, something is strange with the space along the trajectory. It’s compacting itself. Even the trajectory seems not right”, the ship’s android computer replied. In fact, the images on the screen, did not match known courses.
“Strange. But I think, there must be an explanation.”, the captain murmured, “Add the third dimension to the course, to me it seems like a needle sewing through garment”
“Yes, now it makes sense. As if the ship was sewing off a section of space. If it follows the current trajectory, are we in its way?”
“Affirmative”, the ship’s computer replied.
“Get us out of the way, quickly”

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