An Encounter at Lister

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The station spun slowly around as it orbited the Second moon of the world called Lister. This was odd for a few reasons. The first being that wasn’t supposed to spin, and the second being that it hadn’t been shortly before.

A cloud of debris trailed out behind it, coalescing into a tail that would eventually make the stations orbital dangerous to traverse. But for now this wasn’t a problem, as the only ship nearby had been the cause of both the spin and the cloud. Unmarked and of a design no human had ever laid eyes on, it surveyed the destruction it had wrought.

The stations meager defenses had held it at range for as long as it could, hoping against long odds an unscheduled patrol would transit in. It hadn’t been anywhere near long enough. Smaller craft detached from the hull of it, many-limbed instectile craft, and promptly began the process of recovering the precious pure metal of the stations structure. In light of the rich deposit, it ignores the trail of debris that would have normally been a prize.

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