Fantasyland XIX

Avatar Author: Copernicus I may have misunderstood life at first but I am starting to get the hang of it now. Or is it hanged? Or is it hung. Oh ***insert appropriate deity here** Read Bio

As a rule there are two things in life that you want to avoid, the first is to stay clear of the M4 on a public holiday weekend and the other is don’t go around scaring werewolves. Neither promote any kind of longevity in this world.
The mysterious man had just enough time to utter the strangled words “Don’t kill me” before his spine was rendered redundant with a loud snap and their life brutally ended.
In fact the phrase “brutally ended” also seems somewhat redundant when applied to death by werewolf because, after all, a death at the snout of a slobbering killing machine isn’t likely to be tender.
“You couldn’t have stopped yourself,” Harold asked Mary who was wiping the side of her mouth with a paw.
“I was startled,” she said.
“I understand that but couldn’t you have just grabbed him until we got something out of him other than blood?
“I WAS STARTLED,” she snarled, literally.
“What did he say before he died?
“Don’t know I was caught up in the moment.
“He must have said something.
“That’s not funny.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    A few little grammar snaffus (missed quotes, etc.) but still a fun read with a fun narrative voice, and that’s even despite not having read the previous 18 bits, assuming the Roman numerals to be literal demarcations.

  2. Avatar Copernicus

    Thanks THX for the read and the comments. Yep this is a pretty long series but I am having fun with it.

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