Restless Nights, The Search Of The Shipment

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“I should have known you would want to know something about Oleg.” – “Well what I can truly say about Oleg, he’s in his mid 40’s loves younger women.” – “He also loves to beat on women.”

“Do you know if is shipment has moved from the states Sarah.”

“Am sorry Williams I can’t help you with that, as I said before I haven’t bin in that line of work in over 2 years.”

“Can you direct me to someone who might know?”

“No am sorry Williams.” – “This is one man Williams that is best to avoid at all cost, if you keep chasing him he will not kill you, but he will kill your family.”

“Well Sarah if you do get anymore information on Oleg please try and contact me at the station or at home.”

“Sure Williams.”

Sarah walked away from the window and out into another room of the apartment. The two figures that were cloaked in darkness emerged into the light grabbing each of my arms. They dragged me down the fleet of stairs and out into porch.

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  1. Avatar Francis James

    If you think the story is off a little bit, I will be fixing all stories threw its running. By the time it ends it will mix in as best as I can. As for now am pretty much writing down the base of the story.

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“What do I get out of this deal Williams?” – “Well if I am correct I hear you have a trail on the 15th of November.&#...

Restless Nights, To Search Among The Sea by Francis James

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