Fantasyland XXIII

Avatar Author: Copernicus I may have misunderstood life at first but I am starting to get the hang of it now. Or is it hanged? Or is it hung. Oh ***insert appropriate deity here** Read Bio

The men stood in the dank tunnel simply staring at each other.
“You still haven’t answered my question. What are you doing down here,” Ralph asked, John was looking at the walls.
“You know it’s funny, when I was snooping around your laboratory upstairs, I was surprised when a loaf of garlic bread appeared out of nowhere, just fell to the ground. It was then I noticed that the smell of garlic was overpowering and found a pile of garlic bread. Now the thing is, a bunch of garlic bread on the floor could mean one of several things. Firstly you like garlic bread, I mean you really like garlic bread, secondly you have an irrational fear of vampires or lastly you have tampered with the fabric of our existence. Now I ask myself how much garlic bread is too much? I then say to myself, this is a man of science, he doesn’t believe in vampires and if he did, he would have some other way of keeping them at bay so I go with the last scenario. Am I right?
“That easy?
“Now what?
“Time to answer my questions.

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