The Shuffle

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The alarm clock flashed from 6:59 to 7:00. Music started to pour in, softly at first, and then gaining in volume. Josh rustled under a mountain of sheets, grumbling as his hand groped to push the button to make it stop. He rolled over, burying his face in the hot, stuffy mound of his pillow and slightly lifted himself into an upright position. He grabbed a faded t-shirt from the floor, gave it a sniff, and pulled it on over his head, along with a pair of Levi’s. He began stuffing his messenger bag with necessities for the day, and his camera, which he slung over his shoulder and headed out the door.

Missing something, he patted his pockets, and it hits him. He grabbed the Ipod from the alarm clock dock and walked out.

Out on the streets, people move in both directions, nobody interacting with anyone but themselves.

Josh listened to his Ipod while walking, lost in his own world, and lost in the music.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    A nice point/commentary in the last two lines and overall a good description of the start to a day. Watch your use of tenses—helps readability to stay exclusively in present or past.

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