A day in the life of TSS's shower head.

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I probably picked one of the most obscure and random objects in the house. And for good reason. Shower head’s have it tough. And i will show how:

“Wake up you good for nothing fire hydrant! our 9 o’clocks here!” The facet called to me

Well he kinda screamed it. But it did not matter the human’s could not hear us. I began stretching my spouts.

“The 9 o’clock is usually the worst.” I thought. " It lasts about an hour and oh the singing!"

TSS walked into the shower. He had a nice name and was weird himself. Nudity is not obscene in the bathroom because they see this stuff all the time. He stripped down as he usually did and began to pose in the mirror. He did body-builder poses.

“Are you ready yet knuckle head?” facet called

“Yup!” i replied happily. It was time to blow off some steam. The morning showers allow me to blow off all the anger that builds up from facet’s insults. TSS liked the water scalding hot so this was the perfect combination for them. TSS finishes poses and steps into the shower.

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  1. Avatar Kendall Lynne

    Thanks for entering! I love this story. It felt alot more complete to mewhen I read the sequel. Its really well written!

  2. Avatar The Silence [All By Myself] {LoA}

    Thank you :D

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