A Seam in Space?

Avatar Author: blaubrandil Blaubrandil was the first Character Name I used when playing MERP & RoleMaster. He was a Sindarin Healer who successfully led several campaigns and played with great fantasy... Read Bio

“Sir, I can’t follow the course, something is strange here.”
“What do you mean?”, the captain replied obviously annoyed.
“The course of this ‘thing’ doesn’t make sense. I can’t find any analogies to existing flight paths.”
The captain concentrated for a moment, staring at the screen with the course, then commanded: “Computer, match the flight path to seams, 20th Century, Earth. Calculate the contraction factor and stitch distance as appearance points of the ship.”
“Please wait.”, the monotonuous voice of the ship’s computer replied.
A thought flashed through the captain’s mind: “We have the most advanced computer technology in the known universe and still, you get ‘Please wait’, like the legendary hourglass on a now ancient computer operating system which used archaic input devices rather than now common voice recognition.”
Having barely completed the train of thought, the computer voice broke in: “We have a match. may I ask how you knew?”
“It’s as I said, sewing through space.”

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