Memories of a crying shame.

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“Do you see me?” Her voice dared not quiver, for she would not give in.

“Quiet, we shall not have this.” His face was stone cold, emotionless, yet she knew he wavered.

“We? So you’ve finally acknowledged me?” Her hand was placed upon his shoulder, their contact lasting a mere second before he brushed it off and stepped back, only to follow the action up with several steps forward, a sound similar to that of a crunch crept through.

They both peered downward, toward her abdomen, as blood leaked from a solid slit, an opening he imposed on her. She smiled mockingly, knowingly, painfully at him. Her hand now brushed his face as she whispered soft words that would never leave him.

“I hope the silence won’t break you. Though the subtle steps of nobody will only make you lonely, right…?” She gasped for breath though fate would relentlessly deny her of it.

Slowly, his hand pulled away as her body slid to the floor and he was left with silence and subtle thoughts.

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  1. Avatar Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    man this is really good.
    you should get a pick

  2. Avatar Silven

    Simple yet enigmatic, as usual, Platypick. Good work.

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