The Schlub and The Descent

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Some people look at the depravity and atrocities of war and say, indignantly and piously, this is why we should not have war.

Yeah, right. As if you could wave a wand and say there is no more war.

Wherever there is want, fear, envy, lust, and all those other juicy emotions upon which human nature is so precariously built men will be capable of dark things. Eventually they will do them. Then it’s up to some other poor schlub to wade into the darkness, risk that descent into the vile recesses of the soul, and pull humanity back out of the shadows.

That’d be me. The Schlub.

It’s a trade-off. To win, you have to figure out how they think, which means thinking like them. To deal with them, by which I mean kill the lousy S.O.B.‘s, you have to become them. There’s a North 40 worth of difference between playing hero and doing what needs to be done to villain. Don’t kid yourself. Someone has to do it. Thing is, at some point there’s no coming back from that dark edge.

Any more, I’m not sure where I am.

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  1. Avatar Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    ohg my god this is going to be an awesome hero
    he is like the comedian from the watchmen meets vorshcak

  2. Avatar Chakatreamentinnahouse (LoA) Fool

    MJ do you mean Horshack? or rorschack? Anyway …GREAT effin story! Love it, the Schlub will be an awesome action figure too…

  3. Avatar Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    i mean vorshack from the watchmen he is a a psycho killer goodguy who believes he sent by god…kinda like the blues brothers

  4. Avatar Mycroft

    That’s just fantastic, some great atmosphere building up. I like how this character clearly doesn’t have a hero complex – he doesn’t think that he’s got to bring good about, and who cares about how many heads he has to break to do that – but instead he knows he’s on the shady side of ethics, and he’s OK with that. Good recipe for an antihero, that.

    Oh, and The Schlub would look great at the top of a comic book…

  5. Avatar Marli

    ahhhh .This is reality in the highest order. Beast against beast .

  6. Toonrmicon Robotech_Master

    Mmm. Hero or anti-hero? It’s something worth thinking about, given how many stories feature heroes being reluctant to kill villains because then the heroes would be “just like” the villains. What this amounts to is generally a lot of villains getting let live because the heroes are wimps. :P

  7. Avatar Anonymuncule

    Nice. I like it already, thanks for the link to this.