Sold to the Enemy

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Awoken to yet another unfamiliar room, the walls barren, cracks aligned with rust colored stains. A brief scout revealed fragmented streams of light emitting from an unknown source, though useful enough for the eyes to adjust properly.

The air felt sparse, secreting a hollow atmosphere that crawled beneath the skin, crippling the senses. There was no left or right in sight, only space that no other human occupied. A rat would have refused to dwell there. And yet, there I sat, while my fingers caressed a sticky substance, the texture similar to that of sap.

I didn’t move, I hardly breathed, but there was no panic. The room was smaller, a hazy mind confused the dimensions. I swallowed hard, my voice composed.

“You’re still watching me, aren’t you?”

My abdomen itched, a hand instinctively satisfied the irritation, a hand so unlike mine. And all it felt were bones, a paper thin barricade outlining them.


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  1. Avatar Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    very faced pace and suspenseful

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Ooh, creepy and unsettling without being too overt about things. Nice.

  3. Avatar Tyrannical TeaCup

    My question is whether or not I should keep the “huh” at the end. Does it lose the tension that I was going for?

  4. Avatar Silven

    I’ll be honest, I have no idea what is occurring in this story. The first thing that comes to mind in some sort of weird alien imprisonment and breeding situation, but that’s probably not what you were going for. Still very well written.

  5. Avatar Revenant

    And there is my Pigglie… leaving behind his conspiracy theories…. xDD

    When I see this I imagine someone who just travels way too much or a prostitute. In any event I can practically feel the gritty feel of the environment. Nicely done, twin.

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