The Tree's Key

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With a reach that seemed to stretch every muscle and tendon in his body he reached for the key.

It came away in his hand and he sat deeply, silently, attentively within the old avocado tree, on a low, horizontal limb, ensconced by so many shades of green and brown and gray that all other colors were imaginary.

Through a small fluttering window in the green, the actual house was visible, with its roof of interlocking red tile and peach stucco, but Theo preferred this spot to any of all possible corners within that edifice and would miss this tree as home.

A Mayflower truck sat in the drive, the ship on its side sailing east. Knowing this was his last time under the verdant canopy of childhood Theo unwillingly climbed downwards.

“Theo, Get down from there!” His mother called through the summer breeze. “Your father just got a call, he’s been re-hired!” The glorious words spoke of unspent summers to come. “We won’t be moving after all!”

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  1. Avatar SupRspi

    With apologies to E.W. Wetzell and THX 0477 for re-using some of their excellent writing – It had to be word perfect in my mind to work, with only the slightest of changes.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Ah, took me a sec to follow there. But once I caught on (I didn’t get much sleep last night…yeah, that’s my excuse), a great use of parallelism or something like that for the effect of the key. Not what I was exactly picturing, but I think mine was likely far from what E.W. thought the story would become. Behold the power of Ficly to transform! Wooohoo! And thanks for doing a sequel.

Inspired by

“Theo, you get down from there,” his wife called through the winter air. Theodore clung to the bare limbs, continuing his ascent....

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