It had been a good summer, after all.

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It had been A Good Summer after all.
Ira and Sidney had argued over linguini for hours, the red and white checkered tablecloth between them flapping in the breeze that blew off the Hudson River, down 35th Street and beneath the small table they shared outside Luigi’s Fine Italian Eatery.
Ira insisted that Mario Lanza’s last record was entitled, “A Good Summer,” and featured a special accompaniment by the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Vespici Angosula. Sidney swore that Ira had pasta for brains, and that Lanza
never recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra.
“His last recording was also his most famous—Vesta de Jubal—and the album was entitled in his own mother tongue—Italian,” Ira insisted.
They argued over the music for hours, as the sun dipped below the New York Skyline and streetlights came to life automatically. Finally Ira and Sidney looked around themselves at an empty restaurant and an aproned waiter patiently watching
them from the corner.

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    i want more Ira and Sidney ..

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