One-point-four-zero-five times Ten to the Tenth Power

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Man was never meant to fly.

I know that. Intimately well, actually. Hell, that’s why I decided to prove them wrong.

Yeah, it didn’t work out so well.

Who would have thought the issue would be how to get down?

Also, it’s boring as hell up here.

At least the view is pretty.

You know another thing man was never meant to do? Mix a handle of vodka, half a pint of gin, way too many olives, and six lemon-lime flavored wine coolers with theoretical nuclear physics. Those olives, not such a good idea.

Oh, hey. I can see my house.

Hello, house.

Guess I’ll see you again in… Wait, what exactly is the half-life of thorium-232?

Oh, hell.

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  1. Avatar Rusty Awkward

    You continue to amaze and delight me in new and wondrous ways.

  2. Avatar April Raines

    Cute. Short, sweet and to the point. I assume the title answers that last question? Nice touch.

  3. Avatar Oy

    That would suck!

  4. Avatar tas_13

    uhm, did i miss an inside joke?
    oh, crap!!